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Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light, Dual Switch & Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower-1000 wattt ( 10W LEDs 100Pcs)

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$99.99 $69.99

  • New Upgrades: Compare with the traditional 1000 watt grow lamps, this new Dual-Chips 10w led lights is bigger, brighter and efficient, but consuming only 110 watts.
  • Perfectly help you to save the energy and improve the environment of plant growing. DOUBLE SWITCH- Veg and Bloom button have different function. Veg switch: It’s blue led and white led. For seeding or young vegetative growth,you can use Veg switch only. Bloom switch: It’s red led and white led.for flowering/blooming,you can use both Veg and Bloom switches.
  • Most LED lights are rated at somewhere 50000 hours of use. For comparison, many other grow lights tend to last for around 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced.Protecting diodes are added to make sure one chip out, others still work.
  • Full spectrum: the light include red,blue,yellow,white,and so on etc. which is similar to the sunshine,ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages.
  • 【Warranty and Customer Service】24 monthes quality guarantee and 30 days refund

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Input Power 105W 105W 70W / /
Number of LEDS 218 128 60 / /
Veg Coverage 3X3FT at 16″ 2.5X2.5FT at 16″ 2.5X2.5FT at 16″ / /
Bloom Coverage 2.5X2.5FT at 12″ 2X2FT at 12″ 2X2FT at 12″ / /
2X2FT 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs /
2X4FT 1pcs 2pcs 2pcs / /
3X3FT 1pcs 2pcs 2pcs / /
4x4FT 3pcs 4pcs 4pcs /
5x5FT 4pcs 6pcs 6pcs / /


  1. lesplaycool

    Andy A.

    This is my second purchase of this light. It is for lack of a better word AMAZING. I wanted to paint a picture of how much I love this light…I bought a second new one and it was slightly damaged, maybe a manufacturing issue, or maybe it was used, I had photos posted but I was afraid that people might turn away from buying one so I took them down. Which would be a great disservice to your garden and i did not want to be responsible for that. I am a stickler for a product being 100% (My first light was pristine) and this one came a bit under par…AND I DIDNT CARE!!!! It works perfectly and I love it so much I am going to buy a backup. I was so happy to have received it.THese lights are beyond awesome and I have bought MANY and I mean MANY. After I bought this light I re did my whole setup pitched everything else (Mars hydro…etc. ) and got two of these for my 3×3 tent. Probably over kill but whatever. You can actually see the plants respond to this light in real time! You can see them move! I am buying a third for a backup. I could just kiss whoever makes this light.

  2. lesplaycool

    B. Wilson

    Don’t overthink this..I searched a lot of lights and even though Giixer isn’t, “Big,” this light works perfectly. Both switches have great brightness in my 3*4 tent. Ordering two more for a 4*5 tent. Great product!! Please keep in stock!

  3. lesplaycool


    The light itself appears to be good. Covers a good amount of space and gives off good lighting. However the review asks to give a review on the timer function? Now I am unsure if the light is suppose to have a timer function which mine does not. Also the light came with a $20 coupon for a discount on another light and when I tried to redeem it it did not work. I suppose that isn’t a reason to give it a bad review, however why offer a coupon that cannot be redeemed. I will keep you posted!

  4. lesplaycool


    Im writing this review early because Im very impressed with how this item came packaged in its box and how high quality it looks and feels for the price, but I will change it later on after giving it its fair go. So far so good, 5 stars from me, hope it stays that way. Just plugged it in and placed it over my plants, I will check it again in a couple of hours to see what Im dealing with in terms of heat output, the fans are really quiet and Im hoping they’re quality enough so it stays that way, but probably not as fans of any kind get noisier as you use them. If Im happy with it and depending on how my plants do I will order another one, my only complaint is this model doesn’t allow to connect them together but I already knew this before ordering it, nothing you cant solve without a good multiplug.

  5. lesplaycool


    Oh man, where do I start… I originally bought a small LED light for my plants, and they really enjoyed it, but I knew I needed something much more powerful so I can get the yield I wanted. Then in comes this grow light. It has 2 switches to go between Veg and Bloom, which is perfect for what I need it for. It is pretty heavy and produces quite a bit of heat, but as long as you know that info, it’s not a big issue at all. I’m super happy with my grow light and my baby is taking off! It was so cheap too, for what you get.

  6. lesplaycool


    Purchasing this light has to be the best move I’ve made for indoor growing. I previously had a small 45 watt grow light. After doing some research because my plants were growing tall and skinny I found they were starving for light. I’ve had this less than a week. The plants are now bushing out with noticeably better girth. They are so much healthier now.I have been running this in the VEG setting (500 watts), you have a 2nd switch that will turn on the flowering lights (500 watts). Each set of lights have it’s own fan so if you turn them both on at the same time (1000w) both fans run. I have barely noticed a difference in temperature but my plants sure love it.A few things I will look for with my next purchase.-This light does great, but when my grow gets bigger (currently 18″ X 12″) I can see needing a second one or replacing with a larger one.-There is not a built in timer (not a big deal, I use a $5 walmart outlet timer)-There is no outlet that allows you to daisy chain multiple lights together. This would be a great help in the future.-it has a great hanging system, but it is very light weight so you have to secure the power cord to make it line up with your plants correctly. That’s maybe not a negative… I like the light weight…All in all, I’m very impressed with this light. It is way more than I expected especially at this price point. If you’re using smaller lights and not getting the results you want, I would definitely recommend this light.

  7. lesplaycool

    Larry F.

    My purchase arrived as described , on time . Great little light for the price . This fixture is super bright compared to my shop light style LED fixtures . I purchased this to accomodate one of my cannabis plants that started to flower months too early . I usually start from seed indoors then move plants outdoors in containers to finish out the growing season . This fixture gives me a new perspective and option on indoor growing !

  8. lesplaycool

    Glynn Nichalson

    Very good buy! The plants love these lights and these are the cheapest 1000 watts available at the moment.

  9. lesplaycool


    It has two light switches to give you a choice of what you need most for your plants. I like that it came with all the hardware needed to hang the light! That was a big plus. The only think to watch for is the bonus thermometer/hygrometer. Mine reads Celsius for the temp.

  10. lesplaycool

    Greg Mink

    Worked great the first couple months, now it doesn’t light up anymore. The fans come on but no lights. No timer functions at all.Update***Glixer rectified my situation by sending me a new one even though I was past my 30-day return mark. Awesome customer service thank you. Back to growing again.

  11. lesplaycool

    Steven M Andressi

    I honestly never take the time to make reviews unless the product has been a disaster or surprisingly great. This was surprisingly great. I have 2 of these for a 4×4′ tent, and has done the job incredibly. The only flaw I found is light penetration, which is about 2 1/2 – 3′ maximum. I can put the light up to 8″ from the top colas without any burn whatsoever (low heat), which I did typically have to do to penetrate deeper into the canopy. Also running 2 on flower and bloom its whole life cycle I noticed very little change in my electric bill (when I grew with older bulbs and setups 13 years ago, a 1000 watts would heat up and kill everything, and my electric meter would run laps all day adding hundreds of dollars to my bill each month). This is the best bang for your buck. The unit never overheats, never hiccups, bulbs still good after 6 months running non stop almost. Trichome production is the best I have ever seen, even on the dirty shwag plants that were a pain to even germinate. My shwag plants now smell up my neighborhood with a pungent, skunky aroma that is out of this world. On other lights I have used in the past – I couldn’t get this trichome production from even top shelf strains. These lights work great all season long. I’m excited what these babies will do to my next generation of exotics 🙂

  12. lesplaycool

    Amazon Customer

    Works great was worried about quality at the price but its extremely nice made of metal and the leds have a clear piece of glass over them to protect from damage as well as 2 cooling fans. Ive had no issues at all running it 24hr/7 days a week for 3 months

  13. lesplaycool

    Joe joe

    I took a decade off from home gardening. The equipment is sooo much more affordable now a days and l.ed. Have come a long way. Perfect for fast veg. Now u prob can flower w/ just led ……….. but I’ll always use hps. If prepping seed for outdoor planting this is all u need along w/ good soil – medium. If indoor flower I recommend getting a nice 600 hps and this for ok yield for a head stash. Remember , 90+ % is genetics so get those ducks in a row first. I’m doing 2 600 watt hps with thisled sandwiched in the middle. It will be amazing

  14. lesplaycool

    Greg O

    I would recommend this light for any new grower or a seasoned veteran. The light is really bright, the fan’s addre really quite and my “girls” cannabis plants just love it! One of the best things about this light is that it Does Not put off alot of heat which is one of the biggest obstacles any grower will have! If you buy one, you will not be disappointed! I will be buying another 1! This light will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

  15. lesplaycool


    This is the best led grow light as i tried. It owns 2 switches, which takes best advantages of spectrum for different periods. it makes plants growing much more stronger to use this kind of led grow light. when tent comes, i will come again.

  16. lesplaycool


    Nice packaging! box included everything (almost) needed to install this plant light. I used two lights to cover area about 6’x6′ and it is about 2 feet height from the plants. I have this setup for about two weeks now, I can tell my plants love the light and are thriving. Photos were done poorly, but just for demonstration. The two switches (Veg and Bloom) are excellent design and very convenient.If they could include thermometer or hygrometer, that will be fantastic, but it is good enough as it is for its price.

  17. lesplaycool

    Johnny James

    Just purchased a giixer last year then last I upgraded last month , there the best LED great grow light for growing marijuana on the market for the price. Has perfect spectrum that Marijuana plants thrives on . Guaranteed if you purchase one you will not be disappointed at all . Add a bag of co2 with this 1000 watt giixer and watch you get 40% more yield and higher THC levels the co2 helps them buds turn into GIANTS that will grow you buds just like the ones that wins the Cannabis Cup We know we have won here in Okla the 1st time we entered thanks to Giixer, LA Tents , L A tents also supplies us with 365 exhale, thanks to LA Tents for helping us win in the Cup .. giixer also gets a thanks nothing but the best Growing JJ (Oklagrowers Association ) (Facebook Johnny James) local growers contacts, dispensary contacts , processors contacts. Trimmers needed in Okla some growers needing Master growers all contacts on Johnny James Facebook

  18. lesplaycool


    Dual 10 watt LED chips 10 watt x 100 chips equal 1000 watt light but hold on. Leaders in the industry like Black Dog LED doesn’t use 10 watt chips only 5 watt. Why! The light spectrum isn’t there in the 10 watt chips and heat issues to cool the LED’s . So if you pushed these 10 watt chips at full power you would have a true 1000 watt light but the heat and longevity wound be compromised making them useless for growing but wait first gen LED was a mere 3 watt chip now what kills electronics is heat a 10 watt chip only running at 3 watts is going to have a very long life cycle that’s where you see that 100000 hour life span so We don’t know if they have voltage at 3 watt, 5 watt or what ever voltage they are running these 10 watt LED chips at 110 watt of electricity use I would say 3 watts so 3 watt chip and 100 chips multiplied would be a true 300 watt led light now in the real world first generation 3 watt chips is what started the LED craze. This light has longevity on its side real world gardening the plant leaves are praying torward the light Giixer got something right because plants love this Led light. Is it a true 1000 watt light no way but we really don’t know what voltage going into these 10 watt chips they could have voltage firing between 300 to 600 watt it all depends on the voltage to each LED All I can say for sure Is weed plants love this light. Best value for the money you won’t be sorry with your purchase.

  19. lesplaycool


    I’ve had two of these lights set up for the last four years in an old coal cellar in our basement that I use to grow tomatoes for sale in the neighborhood every spring and they’ve worked like gangbusters without a single problem. Well, my husband and I just had the LEGAL opportunity to get into another type of crop and we were looking for some new lights. So, we purchased this one. It’s super easy to use, comes with the temp gauge and rigging you need to hook it up, attaches to a times easily. We have ours set on a power strip that controls the lights, the timer and the fan (If you’re in an enclosed are (like a tent) you definitely want ducting or something to keep the air moving or you’ll lose your entire crop to mold or fungus). This light even has a switch for Veg/Flowering, to eliminate the guesswork of trying to figure out when to switch from blue light to red. I can’t say how happy we are with these little lights. The room wee have is 3ft wide by 6ft deep by about 4ft tall, and two of these, aided by a few hood lamps with some low wattage bulbs pointed straight at my plants has always given me good results, but you can skip the extra lamps (I had them lying around) and just go with these guys and be fine. And at $70 the price for the wattage cannot be beat. I highly recommend these lamps and will probably be buying more if wee can figure out a way to expand our growing space!

  20. lesplaycool

    Christian G.

     Pulls about 100w+ – 5 w. From the wall. Used 2 to to veg 4×4 tent and worked great . Can be used as supplemental lighting for flower . Overall great quality for the price.

  21. lesplaycool

    Kindle Customer

     I have never had my Christmas cactus bloom this early or this beautiful with so many bright blooms. I would highly recommend this light to grow anything.

  22. lesplaycool

    J. A. Minor

    I purchased this so that my lemon, lime and grapefruit trees I could over winter in my basement, the results are phenomenal All my plants are thriving under this light most are still blooming. greatpuchase.

  23. lesplaycool


    Good price and good initial performance. Time will tell as to the true quality of the product in terms of the volume hours it will provide before failure. Over all I am very satisfied. The only negative comment I could voice would be that the total wattage equivalent that is advertised (mine was 1000w from 100 LEDs @ 10w equivalent) is cut in half if you choose to isolate the two spectrum (50 red LEDs / 50 blue LEDs). Total actual wattage 118 with both switches on (grow & bloom).

  24. lesplaycool


    This light has been amazing. Grows my plants big, strong and healthy and the harvest is plentiful. Doesnt over heat or make my tent temp rise. Very bright for the price. Very well made and durable. Although I had to change out how I hung it because the wire clips it comes with arent very useful since you cant adjust them at all. Other than that this light is perfect and I’d say ideal for someone who wants hassle free results. I’d highly recommend and repurchase!

  25. lesplaycool



  26. lesplaycool


    In the last 3 months, I’ve bought 4 grow lights of different sizes and uses. This one is the largest one and is lighting a handful of plants, mostly herbs, and they are loving the light. I have the plants on a rack instead of all laying flat so this is not providing direct top-down but rather angle down and it still is producing great results.Mounted it to the ceilingIt has a Veg, Bloom, and combined setting. It does not let you adjust the colors on your own, which for me was not a problem. I wanted simple on/off and easy to use. We leave it on for about 12 hours a day.It produces some heat but not enough to be used as a heat lamp in my opinion.I really liked the hanging apparatus that came with it. hung it from the ceiling and it’s working great.Hope this helps you. If so, hit the helpful button for me would you.

  27. lesplaycool

    Bonaventure Magrys

    Replacing my lights for indoor orchid growing I found that the higher light loving ones are responding to this with renewed vigor and initiation of new blooms.

  28. lesplaycool


    This is only 100watts, par values aren’t correct. This is good for seedlings. Returned it as soon as I got it. Spend a few more bucks for something decent.

  29. lesplaycool


    Nice price. Worth the money

  30. lesplaycool


    Indoor garden

  31. lesplaycool

    Amazon Customer

    i like the light a lot. i have switched and buying the LLB lights after buying one to try and compare. i would buy another one of these lights for sure if i could not get a LLB or for the common price. LLB has red white blue controls and has UV spectrum nice lights. ive learned get more then 1 no matter what. 1 does good for seeds to starting. but you need more as you go along. this is for veggies. so fruiting plants need lots of light. 4 of these are cheaper in the long run then a metal halite or hps.

  32. lesplaycool


    This light uses under 200W and claims 1000W equivalent light output but this is simply not true. It is not a completely bad light, it does the trick, however it is more like a 600W light. You will not get the same results with this as you do with one of the $200+ lights rated at 1000W. It’s still a better deal per usable watt than the premium brands, but set your expectations right in order to be satisfied. Only 4 stars due to the misleading specifications.

  33. lesplaycool

    Hunter Miller

    I’m growing two small Trichocereus Pachanoi cacti and after moving them indoors recently, I needed a grow light to keep them from going dormant over the winter. I was skeptical about this light, but intrigued because it was so cheap. I have no experience with any other grow lights.So far, it has been working great. It’s bright enough to hurt your eyes if you look directly into the LED’s (don’t do that, obviously). The pup shown in the images grew for two weeks under this light (16 hrs a day, both VEG and BLOOM on) and grew by a little over an inch, with healthy new spine growth. They also got a little bit of worm tea and low nitrogen fertilizer through one watering during this period. Overall, I’m happy with it and contemplating getting a second one, one for each cactus.

  34. lesplaycool

    Top Prospect

     Bruh. I’m 3 weeks in some autos and I have never done this before. I will buy these lights even when they bust. 🔥💯 I suggest running on full spec after you get you seeds popped. Make sure your nutes and you temp/humid is good and watch it happen. Happy with all my purchases from this one

  35. lesplaycool


    Update 9/3/20:We went a full grow cycle with this light and it worked flawlessly, amd nkw we are on round 2 with it still working great. Outluts 1,000 w with undwr 200 w consumption. If you are on the fence lime I was, just buy it amn you wont regret it!I was on the fence with this because LED grow lights are supposed supposed to be so much more expensive and this one was less than every other type I looked at.However, right out of the bix it is quality, nice sturdy and lightweight metal housing (NOT PLASTIC) which it should be, and heavy duty power cord attached.We invested in a pack of rachet straps and although you can attach the light at all 4 corners we used the supplied hanging wires and doubled them in half to hang this light by 2 points, one on the left and one on the right. By doing this it was very easy to attach the rachet straps on the 2 sides to very easily raise and lower this light.We startef usi g this light for germination in the tent as well and it has worked great. We switched on the bloom light 3 weeks ago and everythi gis running great, so again, COULDNT BE HAPPIER!This light has performed so well in a 2x4x6 tent that we are looking at the same brand for small lights to go on the sides of our vegitables inside the tent.

  36. lesplaycool


    la mejor de 1000w que en realidad son de 108w reales ume buenas las recomiendo

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